Hurricane Knitting

I was very lucky during the hurricane – I didn’t lose power, or experience any flooding.  I lost my internet connection for a day, but all-in-all didn’t experience any major problems.  Yesterday I was able to get out and buy supplies to donate to neighbors who were not as lucky, but earlier this week there wasn’t much to do other than watch the news and knit.

This week I knit a Duck Soup Hoodie by Anniepurls.  It’s the fourth one I’ve made, and opted to knit it in light/dark green stripes with a dark green intarsia border.  I also opted to sew in a zipper (which thankfully I bought before the storm!), and then sewed a cotton twill ribbon as interfacing around the inside border of the entire hoodie.  The interfacing really looks nice, and helps cover the zipper – both to help soften the scratchy zipper edge and hide my ugly sewing along the zipper!

I used a worsted weight yarn, on US5 needles for a tight, dense knit.  It did make the gauge a bit wonky, so I cast on for the 6 month size, but then increased in the shoulders to the 12 month size.  Because of my wonky gauge it looks to be around a 9 month size, which is perfect, because I made it for my friend’s son who is 6 months.  Hopefully it will last him through the winter!


About iheartwool

I like wool. I also teach music, live in Brooklyn and have a cute dog.

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