February Baby Bonnet

Sweater pattern from “The Knitter’s Almanac” by Elizabeth Zimmerman

I knit a February Baby Sweater (aka A Baby Sweater on Two Needles (February) from “The Knitter’s Almanac”) for a dear friend, using wool I bought while we were together on vacation.  “The Knitters Almanac” calls for a bonnet to match, but the pattern directions are nondescript to say the least.  Elizabeth Zimmerman’s directions from “The Knitter’s Almanac”: “Make any bonnet you please, of the type which encloses the ears, and buttons under the chin.”  She goes on to describe how to make a collar that covers the neck between the bonnet and sweater.

Here is my pattern for a bonnet to match the sweater.  Not having a baby myself, I used a bust of my grandmother as a child to check the sizing.  It seems like the bonnet is bigger than the sweater, but am hoping that since babies’ heads don’t grow that much in the first year, it will be okay.

February Baby Bonnet

Using whatever yarn and needles you used to make the sweater:

Cast on 59 stitches (or multiple of 7 + 10 for garter edging). Knit in garter-stitch for 6 ridges. Knit in Gull  (as in the sweater) for 5 inches or so, still with the 5-stitch garter border on either end.

Divide onto 3 double pointed needles: the first needle should have 19 stitches, the second, 21 sts, and the third, 19 sts. Continue using the Gull pattern. On ever right-side row: ssk at end of 1st needle, k2tog at beginning of 2nd needle, ssk at end of 2nd needle, k2tog at beginning of 3rd needle. Keep up the garter border, and purl on wrong side.

When there are 3 stitches remaining on the 2nd needle, k3tog. K2tog somewhere so that you are left with 2 dpn’s, each with 5 sts. Knit the 5 sts as an attached i-cord, folded back and knitted onto the bottom edge of each side of the bonnet. When you get to the front edge, knit a 5 inch i-cord string.

Note the attached i-cord edging.


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I like wool. I also teach music, live in Brooklyn and have a cute dog.

6 responses to “February Baby Bonnet

  1. Jacqui

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I have the almanac too and this is a gorgeous partner for the sweater.

  2. nicaam

    Beautiful bonnet, love the curve of the lacework in back. Pretty sure EZ would have loved it too. Makes for a gorgeous gift set for a mom-to-be. Thanks for the pattern!

  3. Wow, really awesome! I am scared of the Almanac. Help allay my fears!

  4. Allegria

    I followed your pattern here from Ravelry – it’s absolutely amazing! I was wondering if you’ve posted the updated pattern anywhere? On the Ravelry pattern it just says that you’re working on it. A girlfriend of mine just had a little girl and I’m dying to knit this for her 🙂

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! I tried a second bonnet in another yarn, but it was a little fiddly. I need to give it another go, but if you want to try it in the meantime, the mistake I made in the directions was in the back at the decreases. I originally wrote that you should keep knitting double decreases until there are three stitches remaining. That’s wrong. Knit the double decreases until there are seven stitches remaining. The wonky part is that because the lace pattern is a multiple of seven stitches, it’s possible to keep working the double decreases, but to also keep seven stitches in the center section, by using yarn overs (not extra, just the yo’s in the gull pattern). Keep going, making the double decreases while keeping the center seven stitches. Once the back is the length you’d like, then decrease to three stitches (leaving out the yo’s at the edge of the gull pattern), and make the knitted i-cord border. I’m sorry this isn’t more clear! I plan to make some more of these, and re-write the pattern… school started (I’m a teacher) and my brain isn’t ready to think about anything other than school for a bit!

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